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Please check our Pricing page for price details.

We have three mining facilities in Georgia, please contact us for exact locations.

Yes, please check our shop for available stock

No, there are no taxes in a free industrial zone, only $100-$200 customs registration fee for any number of miners 

No, there are no taxes in a free industrial zone

Please contact us for our address in Georgia

No, 100% of your profit can be repatriated to your home country

Yes, cost of $14 a month per PSU, until your replacement arrives. Also, you can purchase one from us.  

If the shipment is not delivered directly to our facility, there are additional broker fees of $80 and transfer fee of $120-$180.

No, we have a very high quality cables in our facility. We prefer to use them on your miners, so no inferior quality cables are ever brought into our facility to minimise fire hazard.

Tbilisi Office

7 Dadiani Street
Phone: +995 595910098

London Office

2 Apex Parade, Selvage Lane
London NW7 3JT
United Kingdom
Phone: +447769678084