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About Us

We at crypto investments hub operate three large scale mining data centers in Georgia.
Georgia has been picked by many large players in the mining industry because of stability, security and low electricity costs.
Also, Georgia provides Free Industrial Zones where no taxes are payable whatsoever, NO customs duties, NO VAT, NO income tax, etc. This means that 100% of your profits can be repatriated to your home country or anywhere in the world
We have access to cheap and plentiful electricity and thus we can offer a very affordable miner hosting solutions
Our particular location affords us several advantages beyond just cheap electricity.
Cheap labour market means that we can afford 24/7 technical support at our facilities, which means that downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum
All the electricity we consume is generated by a nearby hydroelectric plant so our mining operations are environmentally friendly too.



Founder and General Manager


Relationship Manager


Chief Technology Officer 


Chief Operations officer

Giorgi Khunzakhishvili

Chief IT officer Tbilisi


Chief IT officer Kutaisi


Financial manager


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More about Georgia

Georgia is one of the top places to invest. Here are some quick facts: 

  1. In 2018 Georgia is ranked 9 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual rating.
  2. Georgia has ranked 8th amongst 165 countries worldwide in the newest Global Cybersecurity Index.
  3. Adult literacy of almost 100% and ranking number 13 in the world, extremely low crime rate, stable economy and cheap labour make Georgia a perfect place to invest.


Georgia - the country with one of the biggest civil and government support for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the world.
In particular, it is one of the three countries with the largest number of Bitcoin miners. Georgia is home to one of the largest mining and blockchain solution companies: BitFury and generally has a very strong sense of crypto culture that is growing by the day (over 300 Bitcoin ATMs as well as the largest bitcoin exchanges and marketplaces in the region).
Cryptocurrency mining, ICOs and cryptocurrency startups in Georgia also enjoy the possibility of being in a Tax Free Zone, meaning, they have to deal with less bureaucracy, are exempt from taxes, gain further free trade opportunities and more.
Adding on to the above benefits, another reason behind Georgia’s success in the crypto world is cheap renewable energy (over 80% of electricity in the country is produced by hydropower plants). Although the country is relatively small, its potential in the crypto world is massive.

Tbilisi Office

7 Dadiani Street
Phone: +995 595910098

London Office

2 Apex Parade, Selvage Lane
London NW7 3JT
United Kingdom
Phone: +447769678084