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More Profit, Less Headache - Mine with Professionals.

We at cryptoinvesthub strive to make your mining more profitable. We provide hosting for your miners for a price lower than electricity price alone in majority of European countries. We ensure effective cooling and extremely low downtime. Our mining facilities are based in Georgia, some of them in a Free Industrial Zone, which means there are no taxes to pay whatsoever. Since you don't pay any import duty, customs fee or VAT, you start making savings of at least 18% of your total investment as soon as your order arrives at our facility.
. We are happy to work with investor with 20 miners or with 1000 miners alike

0% TAX
No import duty
No customes charges
No income tax

IT Support 24/7 On Site 
We have our engineers on site maintaining miners 24/7. Spare parts for miners are kept on site for timely maintenance. PSU rental is also available.

Green energy from local Hydro plants
Electricity used in our mining facilities is drawn from renewable sources. Brand new infrastructure ensures highest up time possible. Modern surge protection ensures the safety of your equipment.

Live cctv feed, back up internet connection and VPN access
Even the most reliable providers falter from time to time, so, we have a back up connections to smooth over those hiccups. VPN is also available for clients with larger number of miners.

Purchase from us
You can purchase all types of miners directly from us. We can also assist you with your purchase from manufacturer.

State of art cooling and air filtration systems
Low temperature and dust free environment of our facilities ensure maintaining optimal performance, and longevity of your equipment.


Prices are per month, including electricity cost, maintenance, 24 hour IT support, Cooling, Ventilation, 24 hour security and technical support in case of a break down. 

DesctriptionPrice per kW/h all inclusive fee  (Monthly)
Price for 1kW/h$0.10
Monthly cost of electricity for 1000W /h$73.20
Antminer D3 1200 W/h$87.84
Antminer L3 800 W/h$58.56
Antminer S9 1400 W/h$102.48
Antminer A3 1275 W/h$93.33

Tbilisi Office

7 Dadiani Street
Phone: +995 595910098

London Office

2 Apex Parade, Selvage Lane
London NW7 3JT
United Kingdom
Phone: +447769678084